Stoppintime is my brainchild starting at a very young age – I’ve been shooting pictures for 30 years now. On my 13th birthday my grandfather gave me my first camera. It was a 35mm with flash bulbs & umbrella you had to manually open. Yes each shot required a new bulb. It was an Argus if I remember the name correctly. Digital wasn’t even a thought. Now I shoot digital entirely. I still have a couple 35mm cameras in the attic however, I visit them & on occasion will shoot with them. Film still has its advantages.

I had a darkroom in the basement at my parents house in a storage area with a red light, enlarger, spiderwebs, bugs, chemicals etc… The first time I exposed an image on paper I was hooked. This all at the ripe age of 14. I have been through several cameras since then, now using may favorite of them all a Nikon D800. If you want to know more about the person behind the lens visit the about me page.