Anxiety – we all deal with at some point

Anxiety – Fear is the Devils Work!

I’ve had many battles with anxiety over the years. The problem being – once it starts, we, at times don’t know how to stop it. The mind takes over the instant we wake up from our nested slumber. The question of many, including myself, how do we stop it.

There is therapy, talking to someone who offers suggestions in regards to treating said symptoms. Several years & countless hours later I had some, what I thought, were good recommendations. Before I go any further I have to admit it did help talking with someone neutral who doesn’t pass judgement. Those bottled up things you’ve buried over the years come pouring out & leaves you with some sense of relief BUT they still manifest inside you until you train the brain to rid itself of these destructive thoughts and emotions.

If you stop, take some time to think about what causes this to happen (easier said than done I know) you’ll eventually come to the conclusion anxiety = worry… Yes, worry is the root of anxiety. What causes the brain to worry – fear! We are afraid!

We worry about the stupidest things at times. I’ve read the book “How to stop worrying & start living” by Dale Carnegie several times. As you start reading you’ll find countless stories of business men, actors, legendary icons etc. have had to deal with anxiety. It was so bad for some it almost killed them, yes they were on their death bed because of worry. I recommend this book to anyone who struggles with anxiety and worry on a daily basis as I have for so many years. You won’t be able to put it down once you start reading, trust me.

What compelled me to write this today? I have no clue. I sat down at my computer, looked at my site, which I’ve planned on updating for months & thought “why not post some advice today” I know what you’re thinking, advice from Pat Hayes, for the love of god… Take it for whats its worth – if it helps one person thats what counts.

One last thought. Yes, you may have to actually talk to your self to stop the brain from controlling you! I remember years ago driving along the interstate with an anxiety level of 200% I thought I was going to have a hear attack. I pulled over & started yelling out loud at my brain. “STOP” & guess what – that worked and started what has been a life long struggle of controlling my brain. After all “fear is the devils work 


Thanksgiving – always thanks given

Thanksgiving 2015

Being adopted I was fortunate enough to find my real mother and was accepted into her family & I’ve never looked back. Such a great family! Wouldn’t give it up for nothin! The newest edition Evie – just a doll.



Is it summer yet! 

Missing summer last year, I can’t wait to get out and enjoy every single day.  My Harley misses me with only 300 miles last year. My camera has been screaming for shutter clicks. 

On the agenda:

Arizona in April for a week – look for some great images from one of my favorite states. 

Eagles concert at the Resch center in Green Bay

Zac Brown Band & Linkin Park at Summerfest! 

Detroit – an urbexers dream 

Anything else I can come up with. This summer won’t be wasted. Get out and have some fun! 

A shot from my last Urbex trip dated one year before the doors were welded shut for good!  


Healing – Bypass Surgery

Some of you know what happened a couple weeks ago, for those of you that don’t I had quintuple bypass surgery 2 weeks ago. For quite some time I just didnt feel right and finally had it checked out. Ends up I had 100% blockage in 2 of the main arteries going to my heart and 60-70% in the others.

I haven’t been out doing much, I’m not even supposed to drive. Its been 2 weeks with a meeting with my surgeon in the coming week. Hopefully I’ll be allowed to resume normal life or at least start rebuilding the body. A new lease on life means more creativity!

Hope you had a great 4th of July!

Chicago’s navy pier on tap!

I like to travel to different places to shoot as much as possible. Working prohibits spending as much time as I would like but I manage to plan something on my days off. Riptide & wave warnings today should make it interesting. Navy pier is on tap, with street photography. You. Just never know what you might see. Look for updates later this week.

Gary Indiana exploring shoot finished up last week. It’s such a fascinating/sad place. The devastation is everywhere. With the fall of the steel industry people just up and left. Leaving Mother Nature time to reclaim it. Seeing places in ruins has history, at times however, hard to find. If you look closely you’ll find it. That’s the challenge I love the most.

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